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We KNOW the realities of the afterlife!

You can know them too!


Over the past two centuries, we have learned more about the realm of life we all enter after leaving the earth plane than humans have every known in the history of humankind. We know how people are prepared for their passing, what happens in the period of time after the transition, what the next realm of life is like, the reality of repeated incarnations on other planes and the earth plane, how people plan their lives, how entities and earthbound people affect people still living on the earth plane, what Jesus really taught about the afterlife and reincarnation, and characteristics of all other aspects of the life after this life.

Recent research has given us clear views of the afterlife,
and what we see is amazing!

Come let us share it with you.


Most people transitioning from the earth plane are not prepared for the experience; and most families don't understand where their loved ones have gone. Today we can state with confidence that the beloved are busy with their own lives as we are with ours; they feel intensely all our expressions of love for them, and they send their love back to us. This conference will clarify both the wonders and the perils of life on the Other Side.

We now have the evidence that most of us are reunited with our loved ones, and that the conventional thinking about heaven and hell is misleading.

After this conference, everything will begin to
make more sense to you than it ever did before.





Who this conference is for


The Afterlife Research and Education Section is sponsoring this conference in Scottsdale, AZ, September 25-27, 2015, to bring together experts in what we KNOW to be true about life in the afterlife. We want everyone to know the truths, but especially

  • Spiritual seekers endeavoring to understand who we are and why we're here
  • People preparing for their own transition from the earth plane
  • Their families, friends, and co-workers
  • People grieving for loved ones who have made the transition
  • People living with a fear of death
  • Hospice workers and counselors
  • Social workers
  • Grief psychotherapists (training in grief therapy is available)
  • Nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers who work with dying patients
  • Clergy of all faiths
  • All others who help the dying and those who love the dying person

This conference will help you understand your destination when you take the trip we all will take at the ends of our lives. It will tell you what you can say to a dying person and the family about the events that will occur prior to and during the transition, with confidence in the truth of your statements. We want people who love the dying person to know with assurance and comfort what their loved one is about to experience, and we want you to be able to talk openly to the dying person about the coming transition, with great hope and reassurance, knowing the truths of the transition this person is about to experience.

This conference will also greatly help people in chronic grief over the passing of a loved one, who want a more heart-centered explanation of where their loved ones are and what has happened to them after their passing.

Afterlife Experts Describing
the Facts About the Afterlife


The conference will contain presentations by prominent researchers, authors, and scholars in afterlife studies describing the most up-to-date knowledge we have today about the realms outside of the earth plane. They will explain what we now know to be true about the entire range of afterlife topics, starting with the period just prior to the person's transition through reincarnation, life planning, and past lives.

Special Presentations
The State of Afterlife Research Today

Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D.

Gary Schwartz, a recognized leader in afterlife research, will speak about where research is today in helping us understand that much of what we know about life in the afterlife is the result of reports from mediums who learn about the afterlife from the people living there.

Acclaimed Materialization Medium

David Thompson

David Thompson, one of the foremost materialization mediums in the world, will be demonstrating his trance and materialization mediumship at the conference. This is a unique opportunity to see one of the most accomplished materialization mediums alive today.

The Psychic Lawyer

Mark Anthony

Mark will speak about the evidence reaffirming that God exists, Heaven exists, the soul is an immortal living spirit, communication with spirits is possible, and that we will be reunited with our deceased loved ones again once it is our time to leave this life. His book, Evidence of Eternity, explains innovative, complex, and esoteric concepts in easy-to-understand language. Inspirational, gripping, and occasionally humorous narratives support each chapter to educate, entertain, enlighten, and console.

Special Guest Speaker

George Noory

George Noory is host of the nationally syndicated program, Coast to Coast AM, heard by over 3 million listeners on over 600 stations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Guam. He will speak about his book, Talking to the Dead, that explores the concept that new technology can connect with the spirit realms.

Before the Transition, Immediately
Afterward, and in the Days that Follow
Pre-death and Deathbed Visions

Carla Wills-Brandon, M.A.

Carla Wills-Brandon, author ofHeavenly Hugs: Comfort, Support, and Hope From the Afterlife, will share evidence of what happens just prior to a person's passing, including appearance of deceased family and friends and glimpses of an afterlife.

People Stuck Who Need to Be Rescued

Bruce Moen

Bruce Moen will describe a system of simple concepts, techniques and exercises anyone can use to explore beyond the boundaries of physical reality, including our afterlife.

Deeply Understanding End-of-life Experiences

Ineke Koedam

In her presentation, Ineke Koedam, author of In the Light of Death: Experiences on the threshold between life and death explains how end-of-life experiences correspond to NDEs, what transcendent and final meaning experiences are, and the importance of understanding the process of dying as essential and precious to every human being.

Entities, Earthbounds, Demons, Ghosts,
and ETs that Influence People
How Entities Influence
People on the Earth Plane

Rosemary Ellen Guiley

In her presentation, Rosemary explains that our interactions with spirits, extraterrestrials, shadow people, ancient aliens, demi-gods, and human-creature hybrids all involve the Djinn, a race of powerful, masterful shape-shifters who exist in a dimension parallel to ours and who are capable of affecting us into the afterlife and future lives.

How Earthbound Spirits, Ghosts, Demons and ETs Can Affect You and Your Clients and the Six Steps to Take to Release Them

Peter Wright, M.A.

Peter will explain how to recognize earthbound spirits, ghosts, demons (negative entities) and extraterrestrials that are affecting you or your clients. He will describe how these entities gain entrance, how to release them and heal the cause of the attachment, and how to protect yourself and your clients from spirit intruders.

A Psychic-Therapist Reveals What You
Need to Know about Spirit Possession

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed.

Ellie Pechet, M.Ed., describes her process of identifying, communicating with, and removing spirit attachments and other negative entities from some of the clients she works with, resulting in a healing for both. She will teach you how to identify an unwanted presence around you or someone you know and help you actually avoid some psychotropic medications or surgeries!

How Loved Ones, Angels, and Guides
Communicate with Us
Awakening to our immortal nature: Exploring an emerging paradigm

Savarna Wiley, M.A.

Savarna Wiley has worked for 17 years as a hospice chaplain and is a clinical hypnotherapist performing Life between Lives hypnotherapy with The Michael Newton Institute. She discusses the transformative power of "soulscape experiences" which enlarge our sense of personal identity beyond the current mind/body/personality paradigm and connect us more deeply to the essence of who we are.

How Guides, Helpers, and Beneficial
Entities Communicate with Us

Susanne Wilson, M.A.

Susanne will explain that everyone has a spiritual team of guides, angels, and loved ones in the afterlife, led by a master guide who coordinates the team and gives you gentle nudges on your life's path. Your master guide has thorough knowledge of your past lives and helped you design the master plan for the life you are living now.

Loved Ones Work to Reconnect
and Heal Unfinished Business

Jamie Turndorf, Ph.D.

Known to millions as "Dr. Love" through her website,, Jamie Turndorf will describe her new Trans-Dimensional Grief Therapy method that enables the bereaved to reconnect, heal unfinished business, and make peace with the deceased using a technique called Dialoguing with the Departed.

Love Eternal: Establishing New Relationships

Rhonda Eklund-Schwartz

Rhonda Eklund-Schwartz learned to communicate with her mother after her mother's transition. It became apparent to her that her mother was working to establish a new relationship with her. In this presentation, Rhonda explains how her mother worked to have a fulfilling relationship with her daughter from spirit.

Everyday Living on the Next Plane of Life
Why We Know Our Pets Live
on with Us in the Next Realm

Kim Sheridan

This animals and the afterlife presentation will offer objective observations and personal accounts of very profound experiences and emotions linked to after death communication and touch on the many different forms this contact with the other side can take. Kim will discuss the love that binds together individuals of different species, the grief humans and animals experience when a loved one transitions to spirit, tools to help process this grief process, and the place of all animals in the larger scheme of things, both here on earth and beyond.

What We've Learned about the Afterlife and how to have a continuing lifetime relationship with those who die, from a Son Who Took His Own Life

Anne Puryear, D.D.

Anne's son, Stephen, took his own life when he as 15 and left a notebook of messages to his family, including some to his mother that he would write books with her from the other side. She will explain how she learned to connect with great verifiable accuracy with Stephen in the Spirit realm, and the astonishing conversations in which Stephen answered her many questions while also reaching out through her to help others. She will show you how you can have a clear, evidential, continuing relationship with your child or loved one who died. She will help you discover the soul contract you had with your loved one before you incarnated to help understand their death more fully.

From the Other Side of the Veil

Melinda Vail

What Would You Say to Yourself From the "Other Side of the Veil?"

Please join medium Melinda Vail as she answers this question through understanding your karmic profile. See how your "karmic footprint" contributes to life lessons and personal successes carrying you through to the afterlife. Highly interactive, Melinda will also provide mediumship readings and answer your questions!

What a Son Now in the Afterlife Has
Described to His Mother about Life There

Carol Morgan

After her son, Mikey, passed away, Carol learned how to use a pendulum to communicate with him in the afterlife. Carol will describe, from Mikey's viewpoint, what it felt like to transition, the accident, what he saw, who greeted him and guided him Home, where he first went, what he experienced, how he felt our emotions here, how he alters his vibration to draw close to earth for signs and communication, and what the Afterlife dimensions are like.

What Happens to Babies Lost
Before Birth by Miscarriages
and Other Events

Patricia McGivern

In this presentation, Patricia explores spirit communication with early-loss babies that is the subject of her first book, Angel Babies: Messages from Miscarried and Other Lost Babies, . In Angel Babies, Patricia discovers her deceased father is returning to her in her baby. She has established a new field of research into spirit communication with miscarried and other early-loss babies.

Metaphysics Research Uncovers
Truth about the Afterlife

Donna Smith-Moncrieffe, CrimDip, M.S.

In her presentation, Donna will describe the remarkable findings of her research from physical mediumship, past life regression, out of body experiences and complementary energy healing studies. When findings from these studies converge they reveal consistent themes and valid answers to life's most intriguing questions.

Life, Love, and Sex After Death

Miles Allen

Miles will speak about what spirits have communicated to mediums about bodily forms in the afterlife, reality, rest and sleep, food and drink, clothing, language, the landscape, traveling, occupations, games and sports, suicides, reincarnation, religions, motivation, and growth.



The Soul, Life Plans,
Reincarnation, and Past Lives
Why We Know Jesus
Taught Reincarnation

Herb Puryear, Ph.D.


Herb, author of Why Jesus Taught Reincarnation, explains how the followers of Jesus should embrace all of humankind as equals, because that was what Jesus taught. He will explain why reincarnation is essential to understanding the everlasting love of God and the purpose and mission of Jesus.

Your Soul Is Your Real Self

Karen Herrick, Ph.D.

Karen's presentation will help you recognize more of the "soul seeds" that come from dreams, synchronicities, spiritual experiences, medium visits, physical and emotional illness and chronic grief. She will explain experiences some souls have had between lives, including children and infants who have died or been aborted.

What We Now Know About
Past Lives and Reincarnation

Dick Sutphen, CCHT

In this presentation, Dick explains what he now knows about past lives and reincarnation. He will introduce several new concepts that better explain how the process of reincarnation "really" works and will conduct one of his powerful group past-life regression hypnosis sessions for you to experience some of these new ideas.

Your Soul's Plan:
Why You Chose This Life

Rob Schwartz, Hypnotist

Rob is the author of Your Soul's Plan and Your Soul's Gift. In this presentation Rob will explain the five main reasons we plan before we're born to experience great challenges in life. This inspirational presentation will help you to understand the deeper spiritual purpose of your own life challenges and how you may heal negative feelings about those challenges, transforming those feelings into acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, and peace.




Judgment, Punishment, and
Progress in the Afterlife
Heaven and Hell As They Really Are: What "the Dead" Are Telling Us

Stafford Betty, Ph.D.

In his books The Afterlife Unveiled: What the Dead are Telling Us About Their World and Heaven and Hell Unveiled: Updates from the World of Spirit, Stafford brings together descriptions of spirit life as told by the spirits themselves. In his presentation, Stafford will unveil the grand spectacle, from its ecstasies to its terrors.



In the air-conditioned comfort of the beautiful Scottsdale Embassy Suites hotel


Beautiful Sedona/Red Rock

Close By Attractions


Fees and Arrangements



  • Early-bird registration, until July 15, 2015: $195
  • Full price after July 15, 2015: $225
  • The conference registration gives you entry to all of the speakers during the three days of the conference. The only exceptions are those holding special workshops after the conference, Rosemary Guiley's workshop during the conference, and David Thompson's seances Thursday and Saturday evening. You'll see that they have prices with the descriptions.
  • Saturday evening banquet: $80. For the banquet speaker, we will be listening to the live seance with David Thompson being held at the nearby Spiritualist church.
  • Special conference rate for a single hotel room: $129 plus tax. A room at the partner hotel nearby is $90. (Link to hotel information and reservations)
  • .

Arrangements for Activities

  • Pre-conference activities will be held on Thursday, September 24, starting at 5:30 with medium Susanne Wilson's platform (group) readings. (More on the Thursday events)
  • George Noory will speak and be available to meet people on Saturday at 12 noon over lunch. You may order a box lunch the hotel provides for $27 or go on to have your own lunch after George speaks. You must order the box lunch before the conference so we know how many to order.
  • You will make your own arrangements for other meals, either at the hotel restaurant or one of the many nearby restaurants
  • George Noory will speak and be available to meet people on Saturday at 12 noon over lunch. You may order a box lunch the hotel provides for $27 or go on to have your own lunch after George speaks. You must order the box lunch before the conference so we know how many to order.
  • Guided tour to Sedona Thursday, September 24, 2015: $110
    (Link to trip information)
  • Five workshops:
    • How to Communicate with the Afterlife Using Black-Mirror Gazing - Rosemary Ellen Guiley (More)
    • Exploring the Afterlife -- Bruce Moen (More)
    • Understanding the Anatomy & Physiology of Your Soul:
      How Soul Communication Works -- Lee Lawrence (More)
    • How to Use the Pendulum to Communicate with Loved Ones in the Afterlife -- Carol Morgan (More)
    • Recognizing Your Soul Seeds in Dreams, Spiritual Experiences, Illness, and Grief -- Karen Herrick (More)


Workshops During and After the Conference

The following workshops will be held during and after the conference. Some have fees associated with them. Sign up for the workshops on the registration form.

Exploring the Afterlife

Bruce Moen

Sunday, September 27, through Monday, September 28 ~ In this two-day workshop, Bruce Moen teaches a system of simple concepts, techniques, and exercises anyone can use to explore the realms beyond the boundaries of physical reality, including our afterlife. In Bruce's workshops, participants routinely contact and communicate with the deceased and have their experiences verified as accurate and real during the workshop. The fee is $150 per person.

How to Use a Black Mirror to Communicate with Loved Ones in the Afterlife

Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Rosemary is the author of The Art of Black Mirror Scrying. In this workshop, Rosemary explains how to use a black mirror to communicate with loved ones in the afterlife. She will teach you how to gaze into a black mirror to enter a state of mind in which you may have a connection with a loved one. You are encouraged to purchase and bring your own mirror so you have it to use after the conference. However, a limited number of black mirrors will be available to use if you don't want to bring your own.

She will hold two workshops: one during the conference on September 25 and one after the conference on September 27. Attendance for each workshop is limited to 26 people who do not have their own mirrors, and is open to anyone who already has a mirror.

Workshop Friday, September 25 ~ 2 hours

During this workshop, you will learn how the black mirror can be used to communicate with loved ones in the afterlife and be given instructions for using the black mirror. You will practice using the mirror and have a gazing session to attempt to have a communication. Rosemary will then give everyone feedback about the effort. Cost for the workshop is $45.

Workshop Sunday, September 27 ~ 3 hours

The September 27 time period will allow for orientation, practice, and two mirror gazing sessions. One or both sessions can be efforts to contact the dead or spirit guides, visit the astral realm or Akashic records, or view past lives. The fee is $65.

Understanding the Anatomy & Physiology of Your Soul: How Soul Communication Works

Lee Lawrence

Sunday, September 27, after the conference. In this workshop Lee Lawrence shares knowledge learned by utilizing his ability to read souls as a research tool. He perceives human consciousness and stored memories as physical tangible objects and demonstrates how these memories are anchored in and manifest the human physical body. The fee is $35.

Recognizing Your Soul Seeds in Dreams, Spiritual Experiences, Illness, and Grief

Karen Herrick, Ph.D.

In this workshop, Karen will explore more deeply how experiences "wake up" our soul and lead us in an entirely new directions. This workshop will complement the workshop held during the conference, but neither is a requirement for the other.

Karen learned through Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology that psychological problems can be best understood when the person discovers that their soul is their real Self. Religions tell us we have a soul; however, they do not explain the purpose of it. We also have a built-in amnesia regarding knowing it.

Your unconscious, where your soul resides, is composed of energy. This energy helps to form your feelings, attitudes and value systems and adds to what is inborn in you as psychic aptitudes. Karen's workshop is entitled, Your Soul Is Your Real Self. It will help you recognize more of the "soul seeds" that come from dreams, synchronicities, spiritual experiences, medium visits, physical and emotional illness and chronic grief. It will also educate on experiences that some souls have had between lives, including children and infants who have died or been aborted. Fee for the workshop is $50.

How to Use the Pendulum to Communicate with Loved Ones
in the Afterlife

Carol Morgan

During the conference, Carol Morgan will teach people how to use the pendulum to communicate with loved ones living in the afterlife. After her son, Mikey, passed away, Carol Morgan learned how to use a pendulum to communicate with him in the afterlife. Without mediumistic abilities or any prior knowledge or skill, Carol has practiced her pendulum communication techniques with Mikey so rigorously over the past four years that they are now in regular contact. She has developed her skill to the point that she combines her own intuition about Mikey's communication with the communication. In this workshop, she will teach participants how to use the pendulum. If you plan to attend the workshop, we suggest you bring along a pendulum. They are available on or in local stores. A vendor at the conference will also have pendulums for sale. There is no additional fee for this workshop.


Mediums Available for Individual Readings During the Conference

We are fortunate to have two very talented mediums who arrange individual readings with conference attendees.

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