David Thompson

Materialization Medium

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David brings a rare and life re-evaluating, evidential approach to the World of Spirit. As a Medium he has, over the last thirty years, helped countless with his ability to connect with the World of Spirit, providing evidential proof that loved ones survive physical death and most importantly the message that those in the Spirit World wish to convey.

David’s ability extends from the very rare form of Physical Mediumship with the use of Ectoplasm to Mental Mediumship, Deep Trance Mediumship and Spiritual Healing. David has touched every walk of life, from young, old, famous and royalty, giving proof of the continuity of life after physical death. His work has taken him to the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Denmark.

David's gift has been independently tested over the years in controlled environments providing little room for doubt. Individuals such as Ronald Pearson (author and engineer) Dr. Victor Zammit (retired Lawyer and afterlife investigator), Montague Keen, who was a member of the Council of the Society of Physical Research for 55 years, and Secretary of its Survival Research Committee, and Dr. R. Craig Hogan, board member of the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies.

You can read the investigative reports and descriptions of David's sessions written by the following researchers:

Trance Demonstration at the Conference

On Saturday afternoon, David will perform a trance demonstration for all conference participants. He will go into trance and connect with his control, William Cadwell, who passed away two centuries ago. William will take over David's body and speak through him, answering questions from attendees.

Materialization Sessions

David will hold two materialization sessions: on Thursday evening, September 24, and on Saturday evening, September 26. For a description of David's materialization sessions, read the description by Donna Smith-Moncrieffe, director of Metaphysics Research, below.

Each session will hold 30 people. David's fee per person is $170. Because so many will want to attend the sessions and we have only 60 seats, we will have lotteries for the seats. The first lottery for the Thursday evening session will be held after the super early-bird discount period ends, May 15. Attendees who have registered by that point and have indicated they will attend the Thursday evening session if their name is drawn will be in the lottery. We are holding this first lottery well before the conference so people can book flights accordingly if they are attending the Thursday session. The form to enter the lottery drawing for either day is at the end of this page.

The drawing for the session on Saturday evening will be held at the conference because then everyone attending, including walk-ins, will have been registered so all attendees will have an opportunity to be in the lottery.

During the sessions, we hope to have live feeds from the sessions to the hotel so everyone at the hotel can listen to the sessions. We will be working on seeing whether we can do so between now and the conference.

Typical Séance Phenomena

by Donna Smith-Moncrieffe, director, Metaphysics Research

Although this particular research report does not analyze all of the phenomena that took place during the séances, a comprehensive analysis will be shared in a book publication in 2015.

Each séance starts with the typical protocol check, prayer and selected music to facilitate the deep trance state necessary for materialization. [The sessions are in total darkness.]

William, Thompson’s control from spirit, greets the sitters and checks in with the circle leader to ensure that all protocols have been implemented. William, who usually materializes into full form and demonstrates his solid structure in a variety of ways, provides several platitudes and responds to philosophical-type questions. Other members of Thompson’s spirit team materialize to share important messages and aim to demonstrate survival of consciousness. Over the period of 5 séances, typical members of the spirit team who materialized in full form included: William, Timmy, Dr. Slavinski, Quentin Crisp and Louis Armstrong.

During 4 of the 5 séances, a total of 10 past loved ones materialized to reunite with sitters who were able to later reiterate what aspects of these reunions were validating.

Over the 5 séances, a total of 15 full bodied regular members of the spirit team and past loved ones known to the sitter materialized and interacted intelligently with sitters in the séance room. Their physical presence and identities were validated as past loved ones shared personal information no one but the sitter could know. Spirit team members and materialized past loved ones touched the sitters and spoke in recognizable voices. A total of 15 different voices and 7 different sized and textured hands were felt or seen using the luminous plaque.

Demonstrations of trumpet movement by Timmy, a young child-like character with a strong Cockney accent who transitioned to spirit prematurely with a fever, demonstrated the rapid and paranormal type movements of the trumpet. The illuminated trumpet scraped the 8 ft. ceiling creating sparks and moved at inhuman speeds. Timmy’s development of ectoplasmic rods combined with his thoughts were used to move the trumpet at lightening speeds covering the 29’ long room—sometimes gently touching the sitters to demonstrate precision despite this occurring in darkness.

At the end of each séance the spirit team always levitated Thompson and the chair he was seated in from the cabinet into the middle of the room, covering a distance of approximately 18 ft. Since it is not physically possible for someone to drag the chair and Thompson 18 ft. unnoticed or lift and throw him 18 ft., even the skeptic is left to question what other explanation is left. To further validate survival of consciousness evidence, once the lights are turned on and Thompson is out of trance, it is apparent to all sitters that the [button-down] sweater he was wearing and the [zip-ties that ensured the sweater could not be unbottoned] were reversed front to back. Again the skeptic is left to wonder how anyone in the room could have removed 5 plastic ties, removed the sweater, used 5 additional plastics ties and maneuverd this in darkness. The spirit team explained that such a demonstration can enhance knowledge about dematerializing and rematerializing matter.

This context is shared to ensure that the research findings are applied to this specific medium within this context. Factors related to: the high level of cohesion between the sitters, the groups moderate to high level of belief in the continuity of life, and the location of the séance are factors to consider when assessing this phenomenon. When these factors vary and are combined with mediumistic ability, the findings and conclusion of physical mediumship phenomenon could vary.

All séances were recorded and held in darkness except for the use of a luminous trumpet (megaphone shape) and plaque that were used to provide visual demonstrations of materialization. Normal light was introduced into the room in Séance no. 3 at the permission of William, the control.


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